Friday, March 08, 2013

RE-UP: Episode #2 of Deathchurch Radio w/ Ropstyle

Deathchurch eps 2: Second episode of Deathchurch radio from downtown Brooklyn from March 3, 2007, hosted by Ropstyle and the Deathchurch crew. This one features exceptionally amazing tracks from Spain's Delorean, Radio Vago, All Girl Summertime Band, DieDieDie from Australia, Ai Pexs,Japan's Polysics and more mixed up in a storm with novelty songs thrown in between. Punk to Electro to Hardcore to Shoegaze 
to C86 to New Wave to Post-everything, making it like salsa since 1986. 

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1.The Faint - I Disappear
2.Delorean - Track 4
3.All Girl Summer Fun Band - Video Game Heart
4.Romeo Void - Never Say Never
5.The Exploited - Out of Control
6.The Clash - Janie Jones
7.Polysics - New Wave jacket
8.Radio Vago - Drumbeat
9. Die Die Die - Auckland is Burning
10.Heroin - Leave
11.Holly and The Italians -Tell that Girl 
12.Ai Pexs - Beat My Baby Up

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