Monday, June 03, 2013

RE-UP: Episode 5 Of Deathchurch Radio!!!

Episode 5 of Deathchurch Radio with Ropstyle banging a Bass Heavy Nu-Electro set, from April 2007
 with Tracks and remixes from Naed Mika/ Ministry/Holy Hail/ Shirkhan/ EricPrydz vs Pink FLoyd/ Andrea Doria/ Blur/Lilly Allen/Daisy/Vicarious Bliss /The Glimmers/ Madonna/Nicky Vanshe & Dangerous Dan/
TV Rock ft SeanyB/Dynamical Grooves/ Morrissey/Dave Aude & DJDan/ DonnaSummer/ More

Download here: DEATHCHURCH RADIO #5

or go here:


1.Naed Mika - Schizomatic
2.Lily allen - Smile (Sunshine Club mix)
3.Ministry - Revenge
4.Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd - Proper Education
5.Daisy - Michelle Plays Ping Pong
6.Holy Hail - Born Of A Star (ShirKhan Remix)
7.Madonna - Into the Groove (screwed mix)
8.Nicky Vanshe and Dangerous Dan - Around the World
9.TV Rock feat Seany b - Flaunt it (Dirty South mix)
10.Dave Aude & DJ Dan - Rock To The Rhythm (Starkillers Remix)
11.Dynamical Grooves - 70s Robots Rox
12.Blur - Girls And Boys (ACSS Remix)
13.Morissey - Last Of The International Playboys (Madchester Vibe)
14.Donna Summer - Hot Stuff

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