Sunday, July 09, 2017

Ropstyle/DCR - Summer Vibes #2 mix

New episode of DCR w/ Ropstyle dropping more rootsy/rock steady/ska/reggae tunes for the Summer Vibes

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1.Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Apache
2.Hopeton Lewis - Rock Steady
3.Lynn Taitt and the Jets - I Dont Want to See You Cry
4.Erroll Dunkley - Once More
5.Ike and the Crystalittes - Ilya Kuryakin
6.Cougars - I Wish it Would Rain
7.Dennis Brown - Let Me Down Easy
8.Sound Dimension - In Cold Blood
9.Rudy Mills - John Jones
10.Cocoa Tea - Lonesome Side
11.Richard Ace - Hang Em High
12.The Maytals - 54-46 was My Number
13.Early B - Bible Story
14.Senya - Children of the Ghetto
15.Stranger and Gaddy - Over and Over again
16.Sir Lord Comic - Jack of All Trades

Monday, June 19, 2017

Ropstyle/Deathchurch Radio - Summer Vibes #1

New episode of Deathchurch Radio with Ropstyle mixing up some roots/dancehall/ska/reggae music for the Summer!

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1.Culture - The International Herb
2.Charlie Chaplin - We Hot
3.Dennis Brown - Musical Heatwave
4.Dandy - Reggae in Your Jeggae
5.Phyllis Dillon - Love Is All I Had
6.Shelly Thunder - Kuff
7.Flourgon - Nah Go Switch
8.Yellowman - Walking Jewelry Store
9.Black Uhuru - Happiness
10.Barrington Levy - Mary Long Tongue
11.The Mighty Diamonds - Bodyguard
12.King Sporty and Justin Yap - El Cid
13.Jimmy Cliff - King of Kings
14.Baba Brook and His Band - Faberge
15.Sophia George - Girlie Girlie
16.The Spanishtonians - Rudie Get Plenty
17.Hugh Blackwood - Reggae Music

Friday, May 26, 2017

Ropstyle - No Flipflops on the Dancefloor mix

Ropstyle - No Flip Flops on the Dancefloor

another episode of Deathchurch radio from Brooklyn, with Ropstyle mixing some 80s classic.

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1, N.W.A, - This is Something to Dance 2
2. Ready For the World - Oh Sheila
3. The Sounds - Rock N Roll
4. Depeche Mode- Just Cant Get Enough
5. Joan Jett - I Love Rock and Roll
6. New Order - The Perfect Kiss
7. The Casbah - Rock The Casbah
8. Duran Duran - Girls on Film

Ropstyle - Floor Fillers 1

Ropstyle - Floor Fillers 1

another episode of Deathchurch radio from Brooklyn, with Ropstyle ixing some 80s classic.

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1, Rihanna - Whats My Name
2. Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five - The Message
3. Whodini - Freaks Comes out at Night
4. Ludacris - Stand Up
5. Missy Elliot - Work It
6. Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies mix
7. Nelly - Ride with Me
8. Khia - My Neck My Back